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New creative business ideas


New creative business ideas


Child care at home

There is always a demand for good childcare. Are you good with children? Then starting a childcare business is an excellent way to make money. The market for childcare is worth more than 50 billion US dollars, and that is only likely to increase in the future.


A childcare business does involve some costs in the beginning, even if you do it at home. You’ll need equipment like high chairs and cots, and you’ll have to do a lot of administration. But with a high-quality yet affordable childcare business, you are almost guaranteed a regular or even full income after finding your first client, especially when you realize how incredibly expensive regular daycare centers often are.


Note that childcare is governed by many laws and regulations, all of which you must comply with. So make sure you know exactly which rules you have to follow in the Netherlands, including first aid training and a VOG, because without meeting these you usually have to close your childcare again and risk a fine on top of that.


Selling on online marketplaces

Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Marktplaats and Facebook Marketplace are all platforms where you can make a profit by selling stuff. And by “stuff” we mean anything that customers are actively looking for and are willing to pay enough money for.


Of all the ideas in this article, (further) selling stuff on online marketplaces is one of the most approachable. You don’t have to buy stock first and you have hardly any overhead costs. All you have to do is create an account, put your products online and come up with a price, and you can start selling right away.


Medical student Dallas Wolford, started simple. She put shoes, clothes and jewelry she was no longer using on online platforms like Mercari and made a few thousand dollars within 4 months.


Before you start, read up on the rules of each platform so that your profile does not accidentally get an unreliable reputation. If your business grows rapidly, you can always hire staff to look for valuable items in thrift and vintage stores for you.


Become a social media manager

With the advent of social media platforms, a whole new job also appeared: social media manager. The good news is that you can also do that job without working for a specialized company.


Becoming a social media manager can be done just from home, with a laptop, an internet connection, your own social media profiles and social media management tools like Sprout Social, Hootsuite or Buffer.


Rachel Pedersen has one million followers on TikTok and is also active on Instagram and her YouTube channel. She quit her job as a hairdresser and started a social media business from home.


The biggest challenge for any start-up service business is finding your first customer. Tip: use your network for that. Let them know you can help them with their social media. Social platforms like YouTube and Instagram can act as your CV in this regard: you can show how good you are with social media and find clients that way.


The average annual salary of a social media manager is around €3500 per month. If you work for yourself this can be much higher.


Become a virtual personal trainer

The personal training industry is worth around US$12.9 billion, and as people get fatter and fatter, the demand for help with motivation and exercise is only likely to increase. And since people are used to doing everything virtually due to the pandemic, this is the perfect time to start a business as a personal trainer.


Once you have the necessary knowledge and certifications, you will be all set to teach virtually as a personal trainer. Obtaining a certificate from an ROC or a private training program ensures that people take you seriously. Once you have your certificate you can start focusing on marketing your training modules to people who would like to train from home.


Get inspired by the social media marketing of trainers like Lois Kuran on Instagram or Triumph With Vin.



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