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Why are the Dutch different?

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What do you know about Holland? For example, did you know that no Dutchman will name their country Holland? Name the country correctly Netherlands! And the inhabitants call themselves Dutch. Why is that? Because the Netherlands is a united kingdom, divided into several lands. And calling this country Holland is the same as calling Great Britain England. Holland is just one part of the Netherlands.

The most important cliché about the Netherlands is tulips and … windmills

There are a lot of them all over the country! If you want a concentrate, then come to the town of Kinderdijk (Kinderdijk). Here you will see the mills for the rest of your life. It is curious that windmills in Holland began to be built in the X or XI century. They served as a good tool for delivering water to agricultural lands. The first mills were small, the Dutch copied them from the Persians. Later, mills spread everywhere, because it was very convenient for farming. Although the construction of each mill cost a fortune, the investment in them still paid off with interest.

Schiphol Airport – appeared on the site of a drained huge lake

In 1860, the Dutch near Amsterdam drained a huge lake with steam pumps, including that part of it, which was known for constant shipwrecks. This area was called “ship hole”. As time passed, a huge airport was built on this site. They did not think about the name for a long time. Called Schiphol (Schiphol).

Life philosophy

The Dutch say: “While God created the Earth, the Dutch created the Netherlands.” And indeed it is. Because most of the country has been literally recreated by humans. Huge lands have been conquered from the sea for centuries. The life philosophy of the Dutch is very simple: “A living nation creates its own future.”

The Netherlands is not below sea level

Everyone knows that the Netherlands is below sea level. But no Dutchman would agree with you. “It is not the Netherlands that is below sea level, but the sea is above the level of the Netherlands.” Therefore, be politically correct, do not offend the Dutch with your ignorance. And don’t even ask why their flag is so similar to the French one. Every Dutchman knows from a young age that it was the French who so brazenly and godlessly stole and remade their beautiful flag.

The Dutch are the tallest nation in the world

Did you know that the Dutch are one of the tallest nations in the world? If not, then take a closer look at them next time. Why are they so tall? The thing is, they are incredibly fond of cheese. Over 150 years of rapid growth of cheese and dairy production in the country, the average height of a Dutch man has increased from 160 centimeters to 180. And for women – up to 175. Thus, it was cheese and milk that helped the Dutch to turn from the lowest nation in Europe to the highest …

An innate love of cleanliness and order

The Dutch are incredibly pedantic and clean. The fact is that a constant threat of flooding hangs over the country like a guillotine. Every Dutchman knows that any crack in a building or minor malfunction can lead to a collapse or a serious problem from a flood. Therefore, being scrupulous is a vital necessity. Keeping their houses and streets clean and tidy is a kind of indicator of prestige and status for the Dutch. And perhaps there is no mistake that the words “beauty” and “purity” in Dutch are denoted by the same word “schoon” (skhun).

The best city to live

What is the best city in the Netherlands to live in? We offer Maastricht (Maastricht). This is the perfect location. The town, built by the Romans, in ancient times was the most important trading hub. And now, it is just very convenient to live here: a few kilometers to Belgium, 50 to Germany. France and Luxembourg are within an hour by car. And the airport, which is located nearby, allows you to go anywhere in Europe and the world with low cost airlines.


The Dutch are a nation of cyclists. The bicycle replaces most of the transport. It is perceived as an everyday thing. As a tool to get from one point to another. That is why there are so many abandoned bicycles. Every year, the authorities in Amsterdam alone collect more than 50,000 “no-man’s” bicycles left on the roads.

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